Tailor made solutions

As in your physical space, so in the internet the quality of construction, aesthetics and functionality differ depending on the manufacturer you choose. At Noria we guarantee that your website will be created according to the standards set by the latest developments in technology and design.

Easy to use

At Noria we use the most modern technologies available to create an easy-to-use environment for both the administrator and the visitor.

Security & back-up

Your website will be hosted on a server with the highest security and stability standards. In combination with up to 5 daily backups for maximum protection.


Contemporary design

Συνδέουμε την εμφάνιση των διατιστή και σχεδιαστή για να πετύχουμε πολύχρονες λεπτομέρειες.

Direct reports

You can even monitor the traffic of your website live from your mobile phone.

Personalized booking engine solutions

Doctors and medical clinics
Websites with a booking machine can take off efficiency and create added value to the patient.
Hotels and tourism businesses
In the tourism industry, the website has become more important than the physical presence. We offer you a modern website with the possibility of a reservation machine.
Beauty salons and hairdressers
Catering companies

Frequent questions :

In the first step of building a website, we send you design samples based on the goal you want to achieve. Samples are normal ready-made websites in terms of design structure in which we have passed random content inside so that you have the ability to see in advance what the website will be like when it is completed.

You can send us the content you want in the form of text and photos and we will adapt it to your new website. However, we can offer text, photography and image and graphics processing services. Your content creation services guarantee superior quality similar to that of international market leaders.

All websites created by Noria are optimized for search engine optimization (S.E.O.) and especially Google. However, to maximize the visibility and visibility of your website, advertising is essential. We offer on-line and off-line advertising services. Read more in the advertising section and contact us to build an advertising strategy together.
In Noria we use user-friendly management machines. By building a website we offer personal learning of the operation of the website to you or your employees. In addition, we provide personalized instructional video, the most modern way of learning. Finally, we provide continuous telephone service and immediate remote troubleshooting.

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