Technology as a tool of efficiency

The primary goal of IT reorganization is to build a stable IT structure from the existing one with a focus on future modifications.

A successful reorganization of the IT infrastructure leads to a significant increase in revenue. Depending on the type of business and industry, this increase can reach 50%.



The restructuring steps:

  • Analysis and control of the existing IT infrastructure
  • Creating a development strategy for the company's information systems
  • Recommendations for the development or modernization of the infrastructure for maximum automation in the workplace.
  • Recommendations on engineering, development, implementation and modernization of information systems.
  • Recommendations for engineering, website development, implementation and modernization, SEO (search engine optimization), web application optimization. Creation and representation of the company's name on the internet. This can increase your company's sales by up to 30%.
  • Recommendations on optimizing IT costs.
  • Recommendations on equipment capability and software.
  • Recommendations for creating the necessary sections for automating your business processes and integrating them into existing applications.
  • Recommendations on cloud technologies and providing the necessary cloud solutions.
  • Integrate and implement the above recommendations in your IT infrastructure.

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