Holistic approach

We combine knowledge from business consultants, advertisers, graphic designers, photographers and IT professionals. The result is that we offer comprehensive services that will add value to your business and lead you to success.

We offer:

Customer-centric approach

We design and create online stores based on the needs of your customers.

Reliability and security

We respect your investment, that's why we only offer safe and fast e-shops with 99% up-time.

Easy to manage

Using the latest technology content management system (CMS), we manage to turn e-shop management into a simple process.

Continuous reports

Plenty of reports that help in analyzing consumer behavior. Such as product reports, basket reports and favorites lists.

Direct support

Προσεγγίσεις συμπληρωματικά προσεγγίσεις εξυπηρέτηση τηλεφωνικής και διάκρισης. Πρόσθετες προσευμένη χρήση για την εκμάθηση της έκθεσης του e-shop.

Tailor made solutions

Noria's team will provide solutions for all your special needs. We can connect the e-shop with all domestic and foreign banks, with a price comparison website such as Skroutz and Bestprice. We can also create a coupling with your ERP system.

Is it worth investing in e-commerce?

We will not answer the question, we will just quote some facts.

From 2013 to 2018 in Greece we observe a 49% increase in online markets according to ELSTAT. Respectively in the European Union we see an increase of 50% in revenues from online sales according to the E.U. Commission.